A bytecode compiler with encryption

Bcompiler enables to encode your php scripts in bytecode, enabling you to protect the source code.

Short description could be found here
For install instructions see the manual. You can download my version, modified within the terms of PHP license with encryption of compiled code optionally using mcrypt here(last) and a small HOWTO here and below. Link to other download pages.

Maybe somebody will ask, why to use my version of bcompiler and why to use encryption for compiled php sources? Just because sometimes some values of variables are present as plain text in compiled source, that means for example, passwords to connect to databases or names of variables are not safe at all, is the answer.

Short installation manual

Extension could be loaded in php.ini or by dl().

Mcrypt is covered by GNU General Public License as I know, which is not violated by my distribution or by my work, published on this page, as tutorial for optional implementation. If you don't agree with me, please let me know.

Matjaz Marcina "matjaz at marcina dot net"


Author: Matjaz Marcina 2009 within the terms of PHP license